Nieman Fellows & Contributors in the Field

  • Telling Malala's Story
    Five years ago when I interviewed a schoolmaster campaigning against Taliban who had taken over his remote mountain valley of Swat in northern Pakistan, I couldn’t imagine how it would change my life. He was the father of Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot by the Taliban for wanting to go to school, and so when they were looking for someone to help tell her story they contacted me. …
  • Keeping the Faith
    The idea for New Canadian Media came to me at the 2009 Nieman Narrative Conference. During a workshop session I met an editor named Andrew Lam who, like me, is an immigrant—he’s from Vietnam, I’m from India—and almost everything he does relates to his diaspora experience. Andrew told me about his job at New America Media, which describes itself as the “largest national collaboration and advocate of 3,000 ethnic news organizations.” Although I didn’t realize this at the time, the idea of pursuing “immigrant journalism” in Canada had taken hold. …
  • Make an Entrance
    I think I should just come right out and admit it: I’ve become obsessed with gates. I don’t dream of them, but I fixate on them. Even when the word “gate” isn’t in italics or boldface type, it jumps out as though it is. This obsession even intrudes at synagogue, where the world of work is supposed to be left at (ahem) the gates. “Open the gates for us, even now, even now, when the gates are closing,” goes the plaintive liturgy at the end of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. …

Nieman Watchdog Project

  • Inside ProPublica’s Healthcare Investigation
    ProPublica’s investigation “The Prescribers: Inside the Government’s Drug Data” has provoked a swift response from the federal government. Winner of the 2013 Philip Meyer Award, it exposed the Medicare system’s failure to provide oversight for thousands of physicians who have written prescriptions that in some cases put patients at risk, in others cost the federal government far more than necessary, and sometimes were simply fraudulent. Charles Ornstein, who has specialized in healthcare investigations for years now, was joined on the project by ProPublica’s Tracy Weber, Jennifer LaFleur, Jeff Larson, and Lena Groeger. Nieman Reports spoke by phone with Ornstein as he prepared to travel to Baltimore to accept the award.

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