Nieman Seminar for Narrative Editors

The Nieman Seminar for Narrative Editors brings together 10 of the top teacher-practitioners and 60 narrative editors from across the country and abroad.

Most attendees are news editors working in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV; the faculty includes some of the most dynamic veterans in the field. The intimate weekend gathering — featuring numerous talks, panels, and workshops — is informative, rigorous, fun, and mind-opening.
Sessions cover all the bases of narrative, including:
  • Finding topics that work in the narrative form;
  • Reporting for story;
  • Wrestling all that material into an artful story;
  • Making sentences sing;
  • Placing that story in a larger package;
  • Playing fair, being ethical, and navigating the new newsroom.

* Please note: The Nieman Seminar for Narrative Editors has been cancelled until further notice.