Knight Latin American Fellows

To encourage journalism excellence and press freedom worldwide, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation supported annual Nieman Fellowships for accomplished Latin American journalists from 1991-2012. A number of recent Knight Fellows have written about their Nieman experience:

Carlos Eduardo Huertas, NF’12
While this is a time of many questions with few answers, at least for now, this is also a vibrant time. And a time in which Lippmann House, the Nieman headquarters, plays a special role. A dozen journalists of different nationalities and a similar number of U.S. journalists are sharing ideas on an ongoing basis, discussing why they do what they do, the passions that move them, their dreams, and their concerns about the future of the profession. Read more »
Claudia Méndez Arriaza, NF’12
I've learned that questions and doubts move you forward in your convictions, but this is a time when we are molding both our beliefs and our judging criteria for these important questions based on what we do every day in our profession. Read more »
Pablo Corral Vega, NF’11
When I started my Nieman year, I was determined to perfect skills I use in journalism. But by the second semester I realized that the great value of Harvard is precisely the importance that this university puts on the humanities, philosophy and thinking … Harvard and the Nieman Fellowship are transformational. One arrives seeking to acquire knowledge and skills. One leaves with no certainty other than that it’s necessary to see the world with curiosity and wonder. Read more »
Hollman Morris Rincón, NF’11
The experiences I had during my second Nieman semester were the catalyst that allowed many of the ideas and projects that had been on my mind for a long time to flourish and bear fruit … I had time for in-depth reading and reflection from the most varied perspectives about my beloved Latin America – to see it from a geographic and cultural distance, to contemplate it with the support of the wisdom of wonderful professors, and even to try to interpret and understand it in its multiple dimensions: political, social and cultural. Read more »
Boris Muñoz, NF’10
Recently, during one of our Soundings ... an international fellow said that this year has been the best year of his life. It is very hard to reduce the meaning of this period of time into one simple phrase, but for me, and I think for many of my classmates, the Nieman year has been an annus mirabilis — a year of wonders that has revolutionized my understanding and appreciation of the world in many ways. Read more »
Alejandra Matus, NF’10
I think I was just 23 years old the first time I heard about the Nieman Fellowship program. Chile had just broken free from a fierce dictatorship and I was working at La Epoca newspaper. Journalists of my generation shared a collective feeling of hope. We were looking ahead to the contribution journalism could make to strengthen our newly recovered democracy. Read more »
Graciela Mochkofsky, NF’09
Visit, the website created by Graciela and her husband Gabriel Pasquini.
Margarita Martinez, NF’09
Learn more about Margarita's documentary films, Stolen Land and La Sierra.
Monica Almeida, NF’09
Learn more about Ecuador through the pages of Monica's newspaper El Universo.