Stipends and Allowances

(Subject to change)

U.S. Fellows
Domestic Nieman Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 paid over a 9-month period (September to May). In addition, the Nieman Foundation provides housing, child-care, and health insurance allowances, based on the number and ages of family members taking part in the program. Costs for attending classes at Harvard are also covered for fellows and affiliates.

Short-term Visiting Fellows
A standard Nieman stipend and allowances will be provided to the Visiting Fellow and prorated for the length of the fellowship.

Housing Allowances
Single, married or partnered Fellow, or Fellow already living in Boston area: $5,300
Fellow with 1 child: $6,800
Fellow with 2 children: $8,600
Fellow with 3 or more children: $11,200

Childcare Allowances
1 child age 12* or younger: up to $5,600
2 children ages 12* or younger: up to $6,000
3 children ages 12* or younger: up to $6,400
4 or more children ages 12* or younger: up to $7,200
Additional allowance for child 3* years or younger: up to $6,400
* Age defined on March 31 of application year.

Health Insurance Supplement*
Fellow: up to $1,000
Each additional family member: up to $250
* Provided only if fellow health insurance costs increase as a result of attending program.

International Fellows
Funds from the original Nieman bequest are restricted to U.S. citizens. International candidates must find financial support from sources outside the Nieman Foundation; however, finding funding is not a condition of being awarded a fellowship. The Nieman Foundation will assist International Fellows to secure necessary funds.

This funding can come from many sources. Typically, candidates work with foundations and journalistic organizations in their own countries to find money to support a Nieman Fellowship.

The cultural-affairs offices of U.S. embassies are good sources of information about exchange programs and other options for funding.

The Nieman Foundation also works with several international foundations that provide stipendiary support to citizens of certain nations or regions of the world. In addition, the Nieman Foundation occasionally uses unrestricted funds to support international Nieman Fellows.