Nieman Activities and Programs

In addition to their participation in the intellectual life of the university, Nieman Fellows engage in a series of activities organized by the Nieman Foundation. These events are designed to bring the fellows together with members of the Harvard faculty and as well as leading journalists.

Soundings are by the fellows for the fellows. Each Tuesday evening one member of the class tells his or her story and hosts an informal meal afterward. Soundings are where the Nieman Fellows and Affiliates really get to know one another. The Lippmann House seminar room is packed for each Sounding, testimony to its standing as one of the most popular parts of the program.

As old as the Nieman program itself, the Wednesday afternoon seminars bring leading teachers, writers and scholars from the Harvard faculty to Lippmann House for an off-the-record discussion.

The topics are diverse and thought provoking, and typically reflect the special interests the fellows have developed in Harvard classes and lectures. Often a subject in the news will suggest a Harvard scholar who is an authority in the field.

Shop Talks
During their year at Harvard, Nieman Fellows may be away from their jobs, but their hearts and minds are never far from journalism. On Friday, the fellows gather to discuss issues in journalism.

As part of the shop talk schedule throughout the year, workshops are organized on specific aspects of the journalist’s job, such as the impact of globalization, the practice of video editing and computer-assisted reporting.

Nieman Dinners
The tradition of Nieman dinners was established in the early years of the program. They are an opportunity to bring the fellows together with journalists and members of the Harvard community for an evening of good food and discussion, and to hear a talk by a leading journalist.

Writing Programs
The Nieman Foundation offers opportunities for fellows to expand the scope of their writing. Each semester courses are offered in fiction and narrative writing.

Multi-Media Workshops
What journalists need to know is changing. To reflect those changes, we hold several multi-media/digital journalism workshops and seminars each year for fellows and affiliates.

The Nieman Foundation invites practitioners from the larger world of journalism to join with the fellows in conferences to examine issues of news coverage. The foundation also holds conferences in collaboration with other Harvard affiliated organizations.