How to Apply

  • Entries may be a single story, a photograph, an editorial or a commentary; a series of stories, photographs, editorials or commentaries; or a body of work by an individual journalist.
  • Submitters should consider all aspects of the journalistic process: reporting, writing, editing, headlines, photographs and illustrations, and presentation.
  • The guidelines for the Taylor Fairness Award do not offer a definition of fairness. This is deliberate, recognizing that elements of fairness in journalism are diverse and do not easily lend themselves to a precise definition for a journalism competition.
  • There are many ways to define work that can be held up as an example of fairness, so it is very important that the letter sent with the nomination explain clearly why the entry is an exemplary example of fairness in newspapers and how the work was developed, reported and presented to readers in the context of fairness.
  • The deadline for entries is Friday, January 23, 2015.
All Taylor Award entries must be submitted online using our electronic application form.

Entries for work published in a U.S. daily newspaper or on the paper’s website during the 2014 calendar year will be accepted starting in the fall of 2014. 

For more information, contact award coordinator Christine Kaye at 617-496-6333;