February 2014 Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly
For tenacious investigations into wrongful convictions, which exposed deep flaws in the criminal justice system

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February 2013 Marcela Turati, Proceso magazine
For her coverage of the drug war and her role in protecting and training members of the media
November 2011 Mohammad Nabbous, killed in Libya 2011
For all those like him who spread the news of the "Arab Spring" uprisings

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November 2010 Mohamed Olad Hassan, British Broadcasting Corporation, The Associated Press
For courageous reporting and an enduring commitment to the people of Somalia
November 2009 Lasantha Wickrematunge, Sri Lankan editor
For daring to stand up, at the cost of his life, for freedom of the press and human rights

Journalists of Afghanistan
For their bravery in delivering the news from one of the most dangerous reporting environments in the world

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May 2009 Fatima Tlisova, independent journalist
For bearing witness to the hidden truths of a violent place

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2008 Chauncey Bailey, Oakland Post
For his fearless investigative reporting and tireless advocacy for the black community

William Worthy, Baltimore Afro-American
For daring to blaze a path in coverage of global news
2007 Hu Shuli, Caijing magazine
For determined reporting on stories of dire importance to the world
2006 Atwar Bahjat, Al Arabiya-TV
Posthumous award for bravery in describing life in her native Iraq
2005 Shahla Sherkat, founding publisher, Zanan magazine
For covering politics and domestic abuse of Iranian women
2004 Zhanna Litvina, Belarus founder, Association of Journalists
For keeping Belarus's journalists sane and safe
2003 Mark Chavunduka, founding editor, The Zimbabwe Standard
For his struggle for independence that rallied journalists in Zimbabwe
2002 Committee to Protect Journalists
For its commitment to aid journalists in peril
1998 - 2001 No winners
1997 Goenawan Mohamad, founding editor, Tempo magazine, Indonesia
For courage in publishing news despite government repression
1996 Raymond T. Bonner, The New York Times
For fearless, independent foreign reporting
1995 Olatunji Dare, editorial chair, Guardian Newspapers, Nigeria
For resigning rather than bow to government terms of self-censorship
1994 Abdelhamid Benzine, editor, Alger Republicain, Algeria
For his struggle for a free press despite being forced into exile
1993 Journalists of Oslobodjenje, (Liberation) in Sarajevo
For keeping their newspaper alive despite Serbian attacks
1992 Jean Mario Paul, Radio Antilles Internationale, Haiti
For reporting on corruption despite government intimidation
1991 Max du Preez, South Africa
Gitobu Imanyara, Kenya

For efforts to gain national democratic freedoms while facing threats to life
1990 Colombian Journalists
For reporting on Colombian drug wars despite threats and murders of colleagues
1989 Helena Luczywo, Polish underground journalist
For reporting objectively, despite dangers facing a clandestine paper
1988 Monica Gonzalez, Chilean journalist
For courageous reporting despite Pinochet’s attempts to silence her
1987 Zwelakhe Sisulu, South African editor
For giving black South Africans a voice during Apartheid
1986 Violeta Chamorro, La Prensa
For her efforts to keep a free press alive in Nicaragua
1985 Allister Sparks, London Observer, The Washington Post
For courageous and meritorious reporting from South Africa
1984 Maria Olivia Monckeberg, Analisis Magazine
For coverage of Chile despite government attack and arrest
1983 Tom Renner, Newsday
For documenting organized crime's reach into the lives of Americans
1982 Joseph Thloloe, South African journalist
For refusing to compromise ideals despite a repressive regime
1981 Joe Alex Morris Jr., Los Angeles Times, killed in Iran, 1979
For his fairness and untiring quest for truth
1967 - 1980 No winners
1966 Wilson F. Minor, The Times-Picayune
For investigative reporting that opened doors of a closed society

Ralph Nader
For Unsafe At Any Speed, an investigation of auto safety of the highest order
1965 Edward R. Murrow, CBS News
For his courage in confronting Senator McCarthy
1964 Vietnam Reporters: Neil Sheehan, UPI; Malcolm Browne, AP; David Halberstam, The New York Times
For reporting the truth