Prospective Fellows

Since 1938 more than 1,300 journalists from 92 countries and territories have come to Harvard for a year of learning, exploration and fellowship.

Nieman Fellowships are awarded to print, broadcast and online reporters, editors, photographers, producers, editorial writers and cartoonists with at least five years of full-time, professional experience in the news media.

Fellowships are open to both U.S. citizens and journalists from other countries.

U.S. Fellowships: Each year up to 12 U.S. citizens are selected as Nieman fellows. As part of each class, we also select three specialized fellowships:
  1. Reynolds Fellowship in Community Journalism
  2. Reynolds Fellowship in Business Journalism
  3. Nieman-Berkman Fellowship in Journalism Innovation
During years in which a watchdog journalist or investigative reporter from the United States is selected for a fellowship from the general application pool, the Nieman Foundation may offer the Murrey Marder Fellowship in Watchdog Reporting.

International Fellowships: Reserved for citizens of nations other than the United States, the foundation awards up to 12 international fellowships each year.

Nieman-Berkman Fellowship in Journalism Innovation: This is a joint fellowship between the Nieman Foundation and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society which will be awarded to someone with a specific proposed project related to innovation in journalism. Learn more about the fellowship, which was awarded for the first time in 2012.

Short-term Visiting Fellowship: U.S. citizens and journalists from other countries may apply for this fellowship. Please note that the 2013 Visiting Fellows have already been selected. Applications for the 2014 calendar year may be submitted beginning in the fall of 2013.



Eligibility The Nieman Foundation requires an applicant to meet certain qualifications, and agree to specific stipulations prior to being awarded a fellowship.

Fellowship Program-at-a-Glance Many prospective fellows ask, “What does a Nieman Fellowship provide for me and my family?” Visit the links below for some of the answers:
• Stipends and Allowances
• Harvard Classes and Programs
• Nieman Activities and Programs
• Fellows and Their Families
• Walter Lippmann House
• Living in Cambridge, Boston and Beyond

Hear What Others Have to Say Each Nieman Fellow leaves their year with a unique outlook on the past year and the years ahead. But most Niemans agree, their year in Cambridge was one they will not soon forget.

How to Apply All you need to know about the application process, from deadlines to personal statements and study proposal, to work samples and letters of recommendation. Learn more »