Post.Harvard E-Mail Forwarding

You must register to become a member of the Post.Harvard Online Community and to receive a Post.Harvard forwarding e-mail address.

You will need to identify yourself from the list of eligible members to initiate registration. Registration is only necessary during your first visit.

Step 1: Search for your record

The first step of the registration process requires that you locate your name from the list of eligible members. Enter your information in the search form provided (see Image 1).

Image 1:
Step 1

Last name is required at a minimum, however the more information you enter the more refined the search. If your name has changed, you may supply either name.

Step 2: Select your name from the search results list

Once you have entered your data into the Search form and clicked on the Find My Record button, you are presented with a list of all of the names of individuals who matched your search criteria (see Image 2).

Image 2:
Step 2
Your name should appear on this list. If you cannot find your name and if your name has changed, select the New Search option and search on your former name.

If, after verifying your search criteria is correct, you are still unable to find your listing, email the information to your administrator using

Step 3: Validate your security information

If the detailed information provided is indeed yours, you need to verify that it is in fact your member record. In order to do this, click on your name, enter your 10-digit HAA ID number (which will be sent to you under separate cover), and click the validation button (see Image 3).

Image 3:

Step 4: Select User ID and password

At this point you have successfully identified yourself and the system has acknowledged that you are authorized to register. You will now need to complete the registration form, including the selection of your community User ID and password that you will use to access the community on future visits.

Your User ID and password must be different. Both are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as you wish to use them. Passwords must be at least 6 (and no more than 20) characters long.The User ID you choose will become the first part of your Post.Harvard e-mail address (see Step 5 below on how to change it).

Step 5: Changing Your Post.Harvard E-Mail Address

On the left navigation column, click on "Email Forwarding" (see Image 4).

Image 4:
Left column

Enter the mail name that will be the first part of your Post.Harvard email address and click "Continue" (see Image 5).

Image 5:
Email Forwarding

In the field after "Primary Email Address," enter the e-mail account you want to forward your e-mail to, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Select the button before "Forward to Primary" and then click "Submit."

Please Note: It may take up to 12-24 hours for Post.Harvard email address to start forwarding to your new forwarding email address. You may receive emails at your previous forwarding address during this transition.