Assessment Statement
"Notes on the Media and Power in Latin America" | En Español
By Pablo Corral Vega
"Freedom of Expression in Latin America: Advances and Setbacks"
By Ricardo Trotti

From Nieman Reports
Pushing and Prodding Latin American Journalism Schools to Change
A Colombian journalist makes it more likely that students will learn how to 'think online' so they will be prepared to enter the job market in this digital era.
By Guillermo Franco
Freedom of Information Laws in Latin America
By Fernando Berguido
Exposing Corruption When Illegal Activity Is Business as Usual
'Unveiling corruption throughout Latin America awakens dreadful instincts in powerful politicians while judicial systems … have repeatedly turned their backs on journalists or, in some cases, even helped to suppress them.'
By Fernando Berguido
Intimidation, Exile and the Exhilaration of an Investigative Story Being Published
'Panama's La Prensa and [Enrique] Zileri's Caretas [in Peru] were exceptional places where investigative journalism was encouraged and defended, though both had to pay a price for doing it.'
By Gustavo Gorriti
The Mexican Press: At the Crossroads of Violence |  En Español
Last year 'we declared ourselves war correspondents in our own land.'
By Elia Baltazar and Daniela Pastrana
Statistics on Impunity
By Elia Baltazar and Daniela Pastrana
An Abundance of Images: Is It Leading to a 'Trivialization of Photography'?
Words and Photographs by Pablo Corral Vega
The Blog as Beat
'… the Internet changes the concept of the beat: A blog such as ours becomes a valued partner of political reporters offering them additional sources and fresh angles for stories."
By Juanita León
When Death Seems Inevitable
'There was a problem with acceptance of death; I was never in a mood to accept torture.'
By Robert Cox
Self-Censorship as a Reaction to Murders By Drug Cartels
'The message of this newsroom assault was obvious: stop messing with drug-trafficking affairs.'
By Raymundo Riva-Palacio
Truth in the Crossfire
In a brutal attack, 'my truth … was dealt a mortal wound.'
By Jineth Bedoya Lima
Trauma Lingers After Escaping the Danger
'My whole world felt wounded during my first months in the United States: I could not sleep and, when I did, it seemed only to dream weird things.'
By Ignacio 'Nacho' Gómez
Collection of stories about journalists reporting in Colombia
Spring 2001
Persevering Despite the Dangers
El Tiempo's investigative editor 'has become accustomed to receiving floral arrangements and notes sent to regret her death, a form of indirect death threats.'
By Mauricio Lloreda
Documenting Migration's Revolving Door
An Essay in Words and Photographs
By Donna DeCesare
Forming Connection, Finding Comfort
An Essay in Words and Photographs
By Donna De Cesare
Immigration to El Norte: Eight Stories of Hope and Peril
An Essay in Words and Photographs
By Don Bartletti
Ethical Dilemmas in Telling Enrique's Story
A reporter talks about the limits of intervening in risky situations and whether to fully identify vulnerable sources.
By Sonia Nazario
Global Efforts at Investigative Reporting
A Brazilian journalist explores the benefits of collaboration and describes how and why watchdog reporting has changed in Latin America.
By Fernando Rodrigues
Journalists as Storytellers
To tell stories in the digital age, reporters and editors and photojournalists need to acquire new skills—and do so with passion.
By Guillemo Franco
Violence Against Journalists in Colombia
Impunity surrounds these crimes.
By Marylene Smeets
In Colombia, Journalists Have Many Enemies
'The first and most damning effect is self-censorship.'
By Francisco Santos
Latino Voices: Journalism By and About Latinos
Collection of stories, Summer 2001